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About US

Shop in any U.S. Store and ship it to
your new U.S. address

Many products are less expensive in the U.S.A. but sellers and websites do not ship directly to international addresses. This is where Ohms can help. With Ohms you can shop websites like eBay, Amazon and Walmart, ship your purchases to our warehouse and then we will ship the packages to you. If you have trouble purchasing from any website, our Assisted Purchase program can help you buy what you want. No credit card is needed as we accept many forms of payment.


Why would you want to buy from the United States?

That's simple, because of the cost. Other countries tend to raise the overall cost of the products, while generally charging higher taxes and government fees. Bottom line is: it is probably way cheaper to buy your favorite products in the US. Sometimes the products you are looking to buy may not even be found in your country at all! Ohms International Logistic can help you buy from your favourite brands and save money, all without even leaving your home!



1. Sign up and get your Shipito U.S. Address

This will be your own personal address in the USA. No signup or setup fees.

2. Shop in any U.S. Store and ship it to your new U.S. address

Use your Ohms International Logistic address as your delivery address at checkout.

3. Combine your packages and save money

Shop on multiple websites, combine the packages into one box and save up to 80% on shipping.


Buy in the united states and receive anywhere in the world at 50% of the costs.

Combine packages to save even more. Delivery services throughout Latin America (enjoy Reduced costs for São Paulo)

45, 60, or 90 days free storage for Premium Members and 7 days free storage for Free Accounts.

Tax-free warehouse option


How to Import

Do you have questions about how our service works? Check out our walk through below.


1. Register

Create a free account (Yep! No admission fee, no monthly fee) on our website, this will allow you to obtain an address in the United States and manage your orders on-line. After creating your account, you will be given a suite number that will be used to identify your account.

2. Make the purchase

Shop online from your favorite brands and ship them to your brand new suite. Or have USCloser buy your items, the choice is yours. If you don't even want to deal with the online store we have a solution for that, it is called «personal. If this is your first time, feel free to reach out to the customer support to help you get started



Please contact us or send an email to

If you prefer, fill in the form on the side.

Thank you for the contact

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